Abel Selaocoe

Abel Selaocoe
Start time 2022-07-07 04:13
Finished Time 2022-07-07 04:13

The captivating and prodigiously talented South African cellist transcends most definitions of classical music while adhering firmly to its tenets. Collaborating with orchestras, beatboxers, South African artists, and contemporary and traditional chamber ensembles as well as performing as a solo artist and the leader of his trio, Chesaba, Selaocoe’s vast repertoire links Western and non-Western musical traditions. From the nuances of Bach, Debussy, and Shostakovich to the vibrancy of Chesaba’s Ka Bohaleng to his versatility as a vocalist, Selaocoe is a young musician whose curiosity is equaled only by his unfolding talent. Sit back and enjoy Abel Selocoe’s virtual concert.

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