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M2-one is a place where anyone can connect, learn, share, and find a way to personally engage in addressing the challenges of realizing unity in a world facing powerful forces working to divide it. We strive to reflect an essential truth about both nature and human society – that we are stronger and more resilient together, embracing all our diversity.

M2-One was founded by Mary Brooks to “move the needle” for more women in decision-maker positions in the corporate world.  As an investment professional, she watched as the number of women financial advisors soared from 14% to 17% in 36 years.  Believing that a career glass ceiling could be melted (not broken) by women actively engaging other women at all levels of the work world, she held the first “Power of Us” meeting in October 2018. Realizing that this cause was a transformational struggle for unity in all endeavors, in 2020, she opened the doors to all who wish to connect, learn, and share resources to bring about “from many to one.”

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What to expect from our website?
Uniting People Around Common Interest

What to expect from our website?

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